Social responsibility

           ASTA LLC provides specific logistical and financial support to the organizational structures of the indigenous peoples of the North, to domestic, including junior and youth, sports, to veterans' organizations, persons with disabilities, young authors, and to local authorities.

           A feature of the Company's work in the Far North is that it contributes to solving a number of economic problems of indigenous peoples in the region, as it exerts some influence on improving the material-technical base of industries, equipping them with modern equipment and transport.

           ASTA LLC provides support to professional and amateur sports in Russia, as it pays particular attention to the development of junior and youth sports. It participates in providing prize money for sports events at various levels, including Russian national ones, such as motocross, tournament kick-boxing for young people. These are only some of projects implemented by ASTA LLC as part of its program to develop national sports.

           ASTA LLC provides free assistance to Russian veterans and members of special forces and intelligence services for dealing with social adjustment to the complex conditions of modern life. The company is involved in organizing and conducting charity events to honor World War II (Great Patriotic War) and military conflict veterans, and it promotes the employment of veterans by providing financial, material and social support to the families of the fallen employees.
In order to improve the quality of life of persons with disabilities ASTA LLC helps to create conditions for the provision of safe, efficient and qualitative transport services. The company has been supplying buses equipped specifically for limited mobility people, and it has also initiated the design of buses in the special categories "School" / "Children".

           Sponsor support for book publication is yet another real aspect of ASTA LLC's corporate social responsibility. The company creates conditions for the realization of publishing the memoir projects of World War II (Great Patriotic War) veterans and the publications of young authors, who often face financial difficulties at the beginning of their creative careers.

           The company's employees take part in the country's public life (at conferences, symposia, seminars, and exhibitions) 

           The company contributes to strengthening the material and financial base of local authorities, which leads to more effective management of the economic, social and cultural life of ASTA LLC's local region.